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/ 2022
From Cellar Door

After Isaac receives a worrying message from the woman he loves, he takes a post on the USG Ishimura to go to her and find out what has happened. However when he and a colleague arrive, they discover there are horrors that await them that they could never imagine.Based on the beloved video game Dead Space, Rancid Cargo is a fan film that reimagines the opening events of the original game.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Eric Houstoun and Tom Hall
Executive Producers: Mike Schmidt, Kris Babcock
Starring: Mark Pettit, Ashaya Babiuk, Monika Bicarova, and Troy James
Cinematography - Benji Irwin
Editor - Emma Zinck
Sound Designer - Alex Hyunh Do
Composers - Andres Galindo Arteaga and Erik Arnesen
Costume Designer - Carole McDonald
Visual Effects Producer - Miguel Fernandes
Visual Effects Supervisor - Cole Doran
Production Design - Sarah Brilli and Brendan Callaghan
Prosthetics Designer -Daniela Pluchino
1st Assistant Director - Lily Yang
Gaffer - Michael Cao
Best Electric - Gautier Gacon
1st Assistant Camera - Mike Kashuba and Luis Plana-Martinez
2nd Assistant Camera - Tyler Adam
Script Supervisor - Amanda Ciccoritti
Special Effects Coordinator - Jaizen Torres
Special Effects Assistant - Riley Marini
Lead Set Decorator - Sharda Stephenson-Hull
Set Decorators - Derek James ‘DJ’ Scriven, Melanie Padiachy, Ivy Lee, and Kevin Liu Hair and Make-Up Artists - Taisha Ramirez and Jenny Duckworth
Prosthetics Assistants - Faye Crasto and Anna Della Zazzera
Construction Coordinator - Mike Mcguire
Set Construction - James Mclean, Andrew Birch, Ty Bowden, Ivan Cheung, and Ricky Carleton